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What is the IPC J STD-001G and why should I care?

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Atomhead.jpgThe IPC is the industry recognized Authority for electronics assembly manufacturing. The IPC J-STD-001G describes materials, methods and verification criteria for producing high quality solder interconnections. This standard emphasizes manufacturing and material process controls which establish consensus requirements for a broad range of electronic products Although your company does not need to be certified to these standards, it is widely considered as the manufacturing quality standard most commonly referred to in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry today. 

The IPC-JSTD-001G Chapter 3.2.2 on Solder Purity Maintenance declares:

"Solder used for preconditioning, gold removal, tinning of parts, and machine soldering shall be analyzed, replaced or replenished at a frequency to ensure compliance with the limits specified in Table 3-1. If contamination exceeds limits, intervals between the analysis, replacement or replenishment shall be shortened. Records containing the results of all analysis and solder bath usage (e.g. total time in use, amount of replacement solder, or area throughput) shall be maintained for a minimum of one year for each process/system. The frequency of analysis should be determined on the basis of historical data or monthly analysis"


  • You should test your wave or solder dip pot on a established frequency.
  • You should adjust your alloy concentration via solder replenishment to keep contaminant levels below througholds as defined by the IPC
  • You should establish a test frequency for each solder pot in your factor based on; contaminant loading, solder usage, results monitoring, and adjust your test schedule accordingly. 
  • You should retain records of your test frequency, test results and replenishment actions for a minimum of at least one year. 

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