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Forget to test your Solder Pot?

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istock-8172150-small.jpgSolder Purtiy Testing... Often un-planned or forgotten entirely. Overlooking this simple test can and will diminish your finished solder quality as alloy impurities build up in your solder bath. Defects like solder embrittlement can often go un-detected and can often lead to costly in field product failures. 

The IPC J-STD-001G specifies that purity testing of solder put in use needs to be tested frequently to guarantee that your solder bath does not exceed alloy cantaminant levels. 

SolderLab offers 6 different levels of Solder Test Services to ensure that you always remain compliant to these IPC directives. Our accurate, and comprehensive test services provide quick turnaround, easy to understand test certificates and one stop shopping including solder collection tools. Best of all, you only order once with our PotWatch service... We remember when your next test is required. 

See our low cost solution to fix this costly issue with PotWatch or Flex testing from SolderLab.