Solder Testing & Analysis

SolderLab is an independent test facility specializing in the analysis and measurement of solder alloys used in the electronics and Electro-mechanical manufacturing industries. Our focus is directed to the maintenance and compliance of our customers soldering processes in accordance to quality directives of IPC J-STD 006 and J-STD 001E.

Testing Schedules Simplified.

Our offering includes PotWatch: An annual, full service monitoring and testing program for your solder. We take over the responsibility of keeping you on schedule for testing your solder.

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Solder Impurities Cause Defects

Wave Solder defects could be costing your company more in rework and repair than you know. Discover the most common types of solder alloy defects by clicking here.

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  • Fast 48-hour Turnaround
  • Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis
  • IPC Solder Impurity Limit Warnings
  • Packing/Shipping Envelopes
  • Solder Draw Instructions
  • Solder Collection Crucible

Certificate of Analysys
Packing/Shipping Envelopes Solder Sample
Surface Refining
Solder Sample Homoginization / forming Scheduled Service with automated Test Kit deliverables Reminder / notification emails sent prior to required test Digitally archived certificates
of analysis